What to wear to get fit: Fitbit fitness tracker review

  • October 1, 2021

There’s a new fitness tracker on the market, but it’s one you probably shouldn’t be wearing at home. 

It’s the Fitbit Flex, which was first released in 2017. 

The fitness tracker is available in several models, with the most popular being the Flex Plus.

The Flex Plus is available for $200 (£160), while the FitBit Flex is available from $150 (£110). 

But there’s one model that is the least popular with many people, and that’s the Flex Pro. 

According to the FitBits site, the Flex has “little to no” usage of battery life, and can last for 10 hours on a single charge. 

So it’s a great device if you want to get some fitness in, but the Fitbits own advice to using it at home is to use it in a way that doesn’t require you to have a phone or tablet with you.

Here’s how the Fitbits recommend to use the Flex at home, based on how much battery life it will give you: “Put your phone in your pocket, close the phone case, and use the Fit device while sitting or standing. 

When resting or on the floor, hold the Fit and use it while walking.”

“You should use the device for a full day or longer. 

You should not use it for a short time, if at all. 

There is a small chance that the Flex will be used in your bedroom, but you should use it with the light off.”

“If you have a smartphone with you and want to use your phone, you should not hold the Flex device and use its GPS, motion sensor, or gyroscope for a few minutes while sitting.”

“It is a good idea to keep your phone plugged in and connected to the Flex when not in use. 

If your phone is charging, the device will continue to be able to track and communicate with your phone. 

Try not to touch the screen while you’re using it.” 

The Flex Pro is much better than the Flex, but is far less useful than the previous models. 

It’s only recommended for people who use their phone a lot. 

“The Flex has a slightly smaller screen than the earlier Flex, so it can be a bit difficult to see in low light,” the Fit’s site says.

“When you need to see a bit more detail, use the GPS. 

While the Flex can be used for most tasks at night, you may find it better suited for activities at the beginning of the day. 

Additionally, the smaller screen may cause the Flex to lose its shape. 

Although the Flex is very light, it can take up to 10 hours to recharge. 

I recommend buying the Flex for fitness purposes, but not to use in the office or on a long walk. 

Flex Pro is cheaper and more powerful than the other Fit models, but isn’t as versatile. 

This review was written by Andrew Fazekas.

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