How to make sure your dog knows you care

  • September 27, 2021

How to help your dog know you care, and what to do if your dog starts to act out in public, is a very common topic of conversation among owners.

But as you’re preparing for your new dog, here’s how to keep your new pet safe while keeping her on a leash, and in the best possible light.1.

Keep her on leash until she’s old enough to handle.2.

Teach her to walk with you.3.

Take her out for exercise.4.

Get her in and out of her crate as soon as possible.5.

Teach your dog that your home is safe.6.

Make sure that your dog has the same crate as you.7.

Tell her to come to your door when you’re gone, or at least if she comes to your front door.8.

Don’t leave your new puppy in a crate unattended.9.

Keep your dog on a walk schedule.10.

Take your new pup to the vet.11.

Do not let your new animal out of the house until she is at least 12 months old.12.

Do a quick check-up before you give her a new crate.13.

Be careful when you give your dog a toy, as he can bite your pet.14.

Do your dog’s grooming every week.15.

Be sure to keep an eye on her.16.

Teach the dog that you care about him.17.

Make the dog do her daily chores.18.

If your dog is getting too friendly with other dogs, teach him to go to the back of the yard.19.

Give her the treat at the end of each walk.20.

If she’s getting sick or injured, get medical help immediately.21.

If you notice your new furry friend acting out, take her to the veterinarian.22.

Make her do her socialization.23.

If there are any injuries to your pet, get a professional to take the pet to the nearest emergency vet.24.

If the dog is aggressive toward other dogs or other people, keep your dog in a cage with a secure door.25.

If he’s getting too wild, let him out of your home for a while.26.

Get the vet to do a test to see if your pet is a carrier or is a boxer.27.

If it turns out he’s a boxer, get the vet and have the vet take him to a boxing ring.28.

Make him do some physical exercise, including sitting on the ground, or in a kennel.29.

Keep him under your dog.30.

If they are not comfortable with your new companion, try a crate.31.

Do the same for your other dogs.

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