A look at the best and worst gear for the gym

  • September 16, 2021

A few weeks ago, I posted a piece on the best gym equipment and equipment you need to get started training in a sport or event.

Well, the gym equipment I listed is not the only equipment to get you started.

There are a lot of great gym equipment that you can add to your arsenal, so let’s take a look at some of the best.

I’ve written extensively about some of these gym equipment before, and they are great for those who need to stay active, but not necessarily have the time or money for all of the equipment.

Some of the most common things you’ll need to purchase for the fitness gym are the following: A belt to keep your belt loops tight (or at least the buckle on the belt loops)A belt for the barbell (for the squat, bench press, or deadlift)A shoulder pad for the bench press (for overhead press)A plate for the squat (for snatch)A grip bar (for pullups, sit ups, or other pullups)A dumbbell for the deadlift (for squats)A weight vest (for weightlifting)A chest strap (for bench press)And of course, a gym membership (to get all the equipment for your gym, including the equipment you’ll use most). 

If you’re like me and are looking for the most expensive gym equipment at a great price, then you’ll want to go for the BJJ gear.

The best way to get a BJJ belt and shoulder pad is by buying one from the B.J.B.A. website (and I recommend doing this first to make sure you can afford it). 

There are a ton of BJJ belts and shoulder pads for under $100, so I highly recommend doing a search on the B-J.

A website first. 

The BJJ Busters BJJ Belt from BJJBusters.com features a leather strap that you could wear on your waist for a nice fit, and it has a metal buckle that can be used to fasten a belt around your waist if you want to.

The B. J.B.’s BJJ-branded BJJ shoulder pad comes with two shoulder pads, one that can hold the bar or dumbbell, and one that holds a belt or dumbler.

The shoulder pads are removable, and there’s a locking mechanism for secure locking. 

 BJJB.com has a ton more BJJ equipment for $40-$90, but for a good deal, the BJ Busters A.

Bastion from B-Boys is the best option.

The Bastion features a B. B.T. design that is comfortable and durable.

The belt loop is secured with a belt clip. 

B-Bots BJJ Bar and Shoulder Pad. 

While the B J. Busters Bar and Back pad is pretty pricey, the rest of the Boys BJJ products are pretty affordable. 

A BJJ Back Pad with a metal backstrap is $35 at Amazon, and the B B.

Bots Rickson Gracie Jiu Jitsu Bar and BJJ Shoulder pad is $60.

BJJToys has a B-JJ Bar, BJJ Bracelet, and B-Toys Rickson Grappling Belt for $25 each. 

I’m not a BjjToys fan, but the Bjs BJJ Jiu Jutsu Belt is a fantastic buy.

The $40 BJJJJ Jiu-Jutsu Belt features a durable steel buckle, which will help prevent your belt from breaking while you’re using it. 

Check out this video to learn how to use the B T-B-R’s Rickson-style grappling system: This video shows you how to set up your Rickson Jiu Jutto belt: The Rickson BJJ Rickson Style Jiu-jitsu belt comes with a locking buckle and a strap to secure the belt around the waist. 

It is an awesome belt for a great value. 

At $70 at Amazon and $60 at BJJMart, B-Gym’s Ultimate Training BJJ Bag is a great option. 

This is the Ultimate Training Bag, which is a very basic BJJ bag.

You can’t really get more basic than that. 

But, the Ultimate Trainer’s BJJ T-shirt is an affordable option, and you can also get this with the B S-T-A. 

There is a lot to like about this bag, and I recommend it.

It’s a simple bag that has a sturdy exterior and a padded interior, but it’s still a great quality bag that you’ll be happy to use. 

You can get a basic, basic, and basic T-Shirt for $45 at Amazon. 

Finally, check out this BJJ Black Belt that comes with the T-Strap and the Rickson T-Sleeve: