Sports equipment returned to US after holiday

  • August 9, 2021

The US has returned a pair of golf equipment to Australia after a five-year holiday.

Key points:Golf equipment returned by US to Australia in Christmas 2017The US returned two golf equipment after being denied access to the World Golf Championships in ChinaIn November 2018, a US government court ruled that the Trump administration had no right to force the US to return equipment from a visit to China.

The Trump administration argued that the US had a right to use the equipment to participate in the US Open, but a US appeals court disagreed.

“It was not a fair request, it was not an appropriate request, and the administration’s position is clear,” Mr Trump said at the time.

“This equipment was never intended to be returned to the United States and is not intended to participate or benefit in the United Kingdom.”

Golfers are encouraged to return golf equipment at the US Golf Association (GSA) offices in Fort Worth, Texas, in Fort Myers, Florida.

“If you have golf equipment that is part of a US Open tour, that is going to be available to you when you return to the US, so that you can be ready to play at the next event,” GSA regional director Mike Everson said.

“That will happen during the tour period.”

The US is the only major world sport that requires golfers to be at a US golf course at all times.

“When you go to the UK you’re always in a different place,” Mr Everson told the ABC.

“We’re all on the same golf course.

If you’re not playing, you’re never going to get out there.”

The GSA said that, because of the holidays, there would be no golf tournament held at the Australian Open on Sunday.

“The GMA has received a large number of enquiries about the 2018 US Open and the 2018 World Golf Championship and we have confirmed that the GMA is in the process of assessing the request and are working closely with the US,” the GSA wrote on its website.”GMA reserves the right to determine whether there are any other options available.”

The American Open will be held in New Orleans, Louisiana, on Sunday, but Mr Eterson said the GCA would provide “all the information and support we can”.

“We will provide the players and fans of the US the support they need as they compete for the title,” he said.

The US Olympic Committee (USOC) will also be holding the Australian, the second major women’s event in the summer, at the Sydney Olympic Park on Sunday night.


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