Why you should never buy a dog agility harness

  • August 5, 2021

The video above shows a dog walking with a harness on.

It looks pretty darn impressive, but it’s not as impressive as this video of an agility harness from Minnesota that was given to a family of three for a dog with Down Syndrome.

This harness is not for agility at all.

Minnesota, which has a dog-friendly law that lets people take their dogs for agility training in public, is working on a program to allow people to bring their dogs to the agility event in public for training.

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture said that they would only be allowed to allow their dogs in the event for one of two reasons.

The first is for safety.

The second is for training purposes.

In the case of this harness, the safety concern is moot since the dog is not going to have any training, according to the department.

This is a good reason to allow dogs in a public event, as it is less dangerous for the dog than it would be for an off-leash dog to be able to run, walk and even play with the handler.

The handlers must wear safety gear and it is not allowed to have a leash, so the dog can walk on it without being disturbed.

The dog must be under the control of a handler to enter the arena. 

The harness is a dog trainer’s dream come true.

The harness is designed to allow a dog to take on the agility game and keep its balance, even in a dangerous situation.

When the harness is put on, the dog gets to run with the handlers for the duration of the session, even if the handler has to go off to get help from the arena staff.

This helps the dog maintain balance, which can be a real challenge for a small dog, especially if it’s a very young dog.

The Minnesota Department says that they have already had positive results with this harness.

The dogs have been able to perform well in the agility games, which is a great accomplishment considering the training is not exactly the most glamorous.

Although the harness might be a good idea for those with limited mobility, it’s definitely not the best option for those who don’t have a large dog.

This harness could be used for a very small dog as well, but you’d be better off getting a dog harness from a reputable company like DogBite.

If you’re looking for a harness that is safe and comfortable for dogs, DogBit should be your first choice.

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