Manhunt underway for missing man’s bodyguard

  • July 21, 2021

A bodyguard for an Indian businessman has been missing in Kashmir since Monday, according to police and media reports.

The bodyguard was reported missing on Monday night by a resident of the area, who saw him leaving the area with his two bodyguards, according the Hindustan Times newspaper and The News Tribune.

A team of police officers and the local police have been searching the area for the missing man, according TOI news agency.

The man’s name has not been released by the police, but the police have identified the man as Arif Ahmad.

The police have also announced that the man’s father, who was also a resident, was among the dead.

Arif Ahmad is the brother of Shahrukh, the businessman who was shot dead by security forces on July 6.

A video posted on social media shows a security guard, wearing a bulletproof vest, carrying the body of the deceased businessman as a bodyguard, with his bodyguard lying on the ground in the background.

The man’s son, who is a local resident, is also pictured wearing a body guard’s vest.

The bodyguard’s father told the police that he had seen Arif on Sunday, when he was in Kashmir with his wife and his two sons.

“I have not seen him since then,” the father said.

“He is very friendly and I have never seen him look at his son before.

He used to visit him a few times and visit the house once or twice.

The family has asked that the police file a case against Arif,” said an officer.

The family is also waiting for information on Arif’s whereabouts.

The security guard’s father said that Arif had been in Kashmir for about two years.